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30S Automatic Electronic Sealing&Cutting Machine
This machine is imported advanced technology, designed with strong point of alike products. It is an automatic electronic sealing&cutting machine that gathers light, electricity,engine and instrument.
1.       The main motor governs speed by frequency conversion. Cut down with high-order position, move steadily, low noise and safty.
2.       The stepper motor to control length, count automatically, give an alarm and stop moving automatically when sending materials.
3.       The part of material throwing adopts a-c dynamo, and the BoxInverter will govern speed automatically.
Parameter Configuration:
Max cutting-L:10-1800MM
Width of glue roller:740MM
Capacity :10-150pcs/min
Supply voltage: single-phase220 VAC 50HZ
The highest power:6kw , practical power:4kw
Machine dimension:3000mmx1100mmx1500mm(the actual machine subjusts to material object)
Main parts:
Main motor power:0.75kw Ac dynamo match 0.75kw governs speed by frequency conversion. SHANGHAI YATAI magic eye, BoxInverter with Delta.


  Address:-jinxiang road 9,fengxiang industrial estate,daliang,shunde,guangdong

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