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Intaglio combined type printing machine
Properties and features:
This machine is used for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, paper etc with excellent performance of the reel material of colors printing.
Printing colors number: 1-4colors
1, printing color groups according to customer's requirements to increase or decrease, both sides can be finished printing continuous one-time
2 rolling and up-wrap adopts double-position flip structure, to achieve non-stop connect materials
3, main engine can use electromagnetic frequency to control speed.
4 Unwinding and traction adopts magnetic powder brake to make material moving more stable.
5 Rewinding and traction adopt magnetic powder clutch to make color register accurate and rolling end face more neat and smooth.
6 electricheating intelligent temperature control.
7, double bake roads design, printing and drying fastly
8 imposition scheme: without axis imposition scheme.
Main technology parameters:
Model: JM - 600
Printing length: 220mm - 1000mm
Printing width: 600mm  
Accuracy ± 0.15 mm
Total power: 28kw
Weight: 5000kg
Shape dimension: 8800×1950×2300mm

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  Address:-jinxiang road 9,fengxiang industrial estate,daliang,shunde,guangdong

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